Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We'll See What Happens With This

My first ever blog post. Cheers!

<--How cute is this face? This is my puppy...Slam Duncan. Middle name: Seuss. She has the worst breath ever, but we love her...all 8 pounds of her. Slam has graced the Duncan Estate for almost five years now.

I'll be totally honest...I have another dog. I was just waiting for you to ask. He is, well, special. From his name (Paul Terry) to his permed Kramer-esque hairdo, he is one strange bird. Upon meeting Paul for the first time, many remark, "He looks like an old man!" So true. He is a little newer to our home, a Duncan dog since February 2010.'s one more cute face to love. Hubby. :) We started the Duncan Estate in August 2006.

So, there it is. My first blog post. Don't worry, though. This will be my only post about my dogs. I just had to see how this whole thing works! In the future, my posts will be geared more towards sharing my sewing/quilting projects...and any other random things that seem blog-worthy.