Monday, December 19, 2011

Hi-Tech Nuns and Harry Potter

This morning I went to hang out with the old people, and it was lovely as usual.  We made some bracelets, watched part of an old Cary Grant movie and ate Christmas cookies for breakfast.  A perfect morning.

Towards the end of my visit, I spied a nun who came to spread Christmas cheer.  She brought a friend with her, and at one point the Sister said to her friend, "Just shoot me a text on my cell."  My reaction was a bit something like this:

...Shocked and clutching a land line in a scrumptious mock turtleneck.  I guess I just never think of nuns as being hi-tech.  I picture them living a simplistic old-fashioned kind of life--praying the rosary, serving those in need, and occasionally smacking the back of a young wrist with a ruler.

And it made me think, this nun is even more hi-tech than I am.  I am 27, currently not residing in a convent, and yet still use the old land line as my primary mode of telephone communication.  I do own a $10 trac-phone (at the insistence of my husband, in case my car breaks down somewhere...sensible enough).  And while I have been known to use it occasionally (even the 25-cent text feature), most of the time it sits in the bottom of my purse, either dead or off.  I'm trying to get better about this.  Whatever, I'm not much of a phone-talker anyway.  Thank goodness for good old-fashioned email and facebook!  Maybe someday I will be as hip as the nun with the smart phone.

Where does Harry Potter come into all this?  He comes in on a riddikulusly unrelated note, of course.  (Ahem, I do know how to spell ridiculously...previous spelling was for the enjoyment of the Potter turbo-fans.)  As we all know, 'tis the Christmas season, and this year I got one of those "wild hairs" to make a random Christmas sewing project.  Unashamedly, I present you with my Harry Potter Christmas pillow...

These are a couple of simple lines from the first movie, only ashamedly, I got them backwards on my pillow.  Oops!  Oh well.

I wish you a very Happy Christmas!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Secret to Making Housework Fun

I've discovered the secret to making household chores fun...Broadway.

I challenge you, nay--dare you, to do dishes without breaking into spontaneous song and dance while listening to this on full blast.

I am like the girl with the guitar at 2:33.   Yes, I will get these dishes done while rocking out on my air guitar!  If you were easily able to resist Conrad Birdie, try not dancing to this one...


I love that Family Guy did a tribute to Shipoopi (The Music Man).  I've always been a fan of Family Guy, but when they did this, it really sealed the deal for me.

Anyway, listening to/dancing to show tunes while doing chores makes it so much more entertaining for me.  And so much more embarrassing for my husband.  I have to be careful, though.  I am very tempted to take my show tunes along with me to my least favorite chore (grocery shopping).  I know it would make it a million times more bearable, but I also know that I would probably be escorted out of Schnucks for disrupting the peace due to doing high kicks and barrel rolls down the cereal aisle.

I do own a pair of tap shoes (REALLY hoping to take a tap class someday--hint, hint to anyone racking their brain for a good Christmas gift for me).  I think it would be hilarious to take my show tunes and tap shoes to Schnucks.  Can you just imagine, holding on to your cart, tap dancing up and down the aisles, in your own little world?  The acoustics would be amazing.


For now, I leave you with a recent sewing project, and something funny my dad said.

Golf bag for Little Sis

And the funny thing my dad said...

Me to Mom (on the phone): Hey, I blogged my shorts for you to see.
Dad (in the background): Don't worry, Ree.  I blogged my shorts once, too, but it came out with bleach.

Good one, Dad.