Monday, July 11, 2011

Feather Explosion

I usually sew things because I want to, but occasionally there comes a time when I do it because I have to.  Here's what we came home to one day a few months ago:
A feather explosion.  At this point, we hadn't had Paul Terry (P.T.) for very long and he was still adjusting.  His angst was directed toward our pillows that day.  We may still have a few of those feathers floating around our house somewhere.

Time to sew some replacement pillows.  However, I wanted to do it on the cheap, for a couple of reasons: 1) Who knew when P.T. would get the urge to start another pillow fight? and 2) I love to NOT spend a lot of money.  But, pillow forms and sturdy fabric are not cheap.  Hmmm...

Light bulb!  My dear friend Amanda (future link to her blog, Part-Time Homemaker) hosted a Shopping Spree for Free, in which girls bring their gently used clothing/household items, everyone swaps, and you go home with a bag full of new-to-you items for FREE.  So much fun.  So I picked up a couple of pillows there.  Then, one day, while perusing the aisles of Joann Fabric, a couple of wire bins caught my eye.  Wait...did that sign really say what I think it said?  Home Decor fabrics: 2 for $1.  Sturdy fabric...dirt cheap.  Amazing!  So, I happily went home with four beautiful swatches of home decor fabric for $2.  

I immediately went to my sewing room, ripped off the covers of the two free pillows I got at Amanda's house, and sewed away.  15 minutes later, I had two brand new "reversible" pillows for my couch.
Side A
Side B
The best part is that they're still there.  P.T. is now feeling comfortably at-home, which is what makes me the happiest.


  1. HAHAHA! I don't think I have ever seen this picture! Too funny. I love how he is just chillin up on the couch as Mike takes care of the clean up. :) Love your postings, Ree! Keep em coming!

  2. Oh how neccisity is the mother of invention and how inventive you were:

    PT had a play toy, used an item someone tired of, bargin price material and you have fashionable pillows. What's next? The Ree Show!

    Great job!