Sunday, October 16, 2011

Domestic Daredevil

I imagine that if those who know me were asked to describe me, "hardcore" is not the first word that would come to mind.  In fact, a friend recently compared me to Dr. Leo Marvin's wife Fay, from the hilarious movie What About Bob?.   Enjoy one of my favorite clips...

"Mmmmmm.  Fay, this is so scrumptious.  Is this hand-shucked?"

While I am completely flattered to be compared to her, it just goes to show how very un-hardcore I am.  And I'm okay with that.  But sometimes, there is this little part of me that wants to believe there is a daredevil underneath all of this Fay-ness.  Someone a little more like this...

So, today I tapped into my inner Xena, and did something really daring.  I mean really REALLY daring.  ...I made an oven mitt.  (Insert Xena battle cry here.)  But not just any oven mitt.  One with a little edge to it--one with tattoos.  

Honey, of course I'll bake you an apple pie.  Right after I tune up my Harley.

Really, making a tattooed oven mitt is probably a combination of both Fay and Xena.  Either way, I was pleased with the outcome.  I will thoroughly enjoy baking/cooking as a tattooed domestic diva. Hmmm...perhaps "enjoy" isn't the right word, but I will at least do it with flair.  

For my parting shot, the oven mitt in action:

Works like a charm and fits like a glove.  And thank you, Gramarion, for the lovely mug!


  1. hilarious! love the potholder. i'm sure it'll be put to good use!

  2. That fabric is awesome! And you can be a daredevil, I've seen it.