Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Faking It

Recently, on an airplane ride out to California, I was flipping through Sky Mall magazine and stumbled upon something that made me laugh.  A before-and-after photo of a woman demonstrating Clip-On Bangs, for the low, low price of $50.  The synthetic bangs reminded me of how I used to be a bit of a faker.  In early elementary school, I frequently faked sickness to watch The Price is Right (or Bob Ross...or Sewing With Nancy) at Grandma Alice's.   Once I even faked laryngitis with my 5th grade teacher, miming "I don't have a voice" right to his face.  He was either thoroughly impressed with my mime skills or too tired to have a one-voiced conversation with me about sticking it out for the last half of the day.  I got to go home.

Probably the peak of my faking came in the form of socks.  In junior high, I really wanted some Nike socks, but thought they were too expensive.  So what did I do?  Made some of my own by drawing a Nike symbol on the sides of my white socks with black permanent marker.  Oh, how I wish I had a picture to show you!  But here's something even better...a home video from 1996.

Ahhh...dorkdom.  Let me know if you would like to order a pair of custom Nike socks;  I'd be glad to make you a pair for the low, low price of $50.  I jest.

Here is a random sewing project I completed recently, hopefully a little bit cooler than a pair of tube socks I colored on.

A nice springy hot pad!

I did some flower quilting for the first time ever; happy spring!


  1. I'm sending Katie to St. Louis for a week so she can learn how to do all of this from you. I love this hot pad!

  2. I love how you call it the "Nike Check"

  3. Cute! I like the quilting on the back! I was checking out your cute clutches in the project tab too. I like your colors