Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Book Christmas!

This week, something big is happening (in my mind and a few others' too, I'm guessing).  On Thursday, the lovely and talented J.K. Rowling will release her new book The Casual Vacancy.  I'm trying to prepare myself for this properly.  I was so swept up in her magical story of The Boy Who Lived, so completely enthralled and inspired.  But I know this will be entirely different, written for adults.  Containing scandal and real-life adult problems.  But I respect her for it; publishing something so different from what she's famous for is nothing short of brave.

What I appreciate most about her writing is how great of a storyteller she is, how easy it is to be wrapped up in her story and not want to close it.  How this entire world in her mind was put to paper, and by simply reading the words on the page, I was there.  That, my friends, is magical.  If I can look for that in her new book--her stellar storytelling ability--and not for whimsical imagination, and if I find it, I will be pleased.

Needless to say, I placed an early request for The Casual Vacancy at my local library.  A little trick to pass on to you…request the Large Print edition.  You'll get it much faster.  I requested both the regular hardback and Large Print, and here's the difference in my position in the waiting line: Regular Hardback--position 90.  Large Print--position 9.  Large Print, please and thank you.

In honor of J.K.'s literary "coming of age", here is a little project I made quite some time ago.  Ten points to Gryffindor if you can guess where this is in my house!

I've had such a dry spell when it comes to good books lately.  So this is coming just in the nick of time.  And…when it rains it pours.  Another of my favorite authors is releasing her newest novel in October…The Secret Keeper (by Kate Morton).  This is her fourth book and I am so looking forward to it.  She, like J.K., is crazy talented at storytelling.  Her stories typically revolve around some sort of mystery in England during WWI and WWII.  And I devour them.

Folks, this is Book Christmas for me!  If anyone reads either of these books, I would love-love-love to hear your thoughts on them.  We can have Book Christmas together, drinking hot chocolate in our footie-pajamas.  Think about it.


  1. Hmm...I'll be cheeky - headboard?

    Love HP and am too looking foward to reading the new book. Also with you on Kate Morton, have read two of her books and have the third on my nightstand waiting.

    How kind of these authors to put these books out in fall, just when I'm ready to cozy up and read!

  2. I had no idea JKR had a new book coming out! We are HP addicts at our house.

    Have never read Kate Morton, but with both you AND MC plugging her, I may have to look her up.

    Thanks for the tip, and happy reading!