Saturday, June 21, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Release


Catch and release.  Fishing…catching lightning bugs.  I love to do both of these things.  Fishing is a peaceful experience if you don’t think about the gross parts. 

I remember running around my grandma and grandpa’s backyard with an old Jiffy jar trying to catch lightning bugs.  My brother and I usually made quite a haul.  Back then, I used to love the part when I could rip off their rear ends and make beautiful glow-in-the-dark jewelry for myself.  Seriously…who thought of that?  “Hey, how about we tear the lower half of this bug off, smear it on our fingers and call it a diamond?”  Usually, though, I think Mom made us let them go.  Probably because she didn’t want to deal with a jar full of dead bugs in the house the next morning; who can blame her?  They’re pretty to look at, flying around in the sky at night.  I feel like I see less and less of them these days, even when I am back at home in the Boro.  Hope they stick around for a while.


Five Minute Friday is a weekly one-word writing prompt by Lisa Jo Baker.  You have five minutes to write whatever pops into your head.


  1. We are seeing lots of lightening bugs in West Virginia this week. They are beautiful! I love seeing them sparkle and twinkle all across the yard. - Sarah, stopping by from Five Minute Friday. (I hope this doesn't double post. I thought I had posted this, but it did not show up...)

  2. I too loved the lightning bugs of my childhood. Thanks for sharing your writing!

  3. I use to catch lightening bugs in a jar when I was younger.