Friday, July 11, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Belong

Another edition of Five Minute Friday!  This week's one-word prompt: Belong.


Belong.  For some reason, it made the Cheers theme song pop into my head.  "Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name..."  I love that show.  Favorite character, hands down is "NORM!"

It also reminds me of cafeteria school lunches.  Once you hit junior high, you're suddenly able to pick where you want to sit for lunch.  How terrifying.  Especially on the first day of the school year.  You're not completely sure which of your friends are in this lunch period with you.  So you sweat.  You walk in and scan the cafeteria desperately looking for a table with people you know.  But you try to look like you don't care.  And you sweat.  The clock is ticking and you're sure everybody is staring at you now.  You sweat some more.

"Oh crap, I'm sweating.  Did I put on deodorant today?" (clamp arms at sides)
"Oh crap, I'm sweating.  Are my mega-bangs falling flat?" (poof up bangs)
"Oh crap, I'm sweating.  And everyone probably sees it under the arms of my No Fear shirt!" (unclamp arms from sides, but just a little bit)

You find your friend in the lunch line.  All is well.  Until you both realize you still need a table to sit at.  And you sweat.  Together.


Five Minute Friday is a weekly one-word writing prompt by Lisa Jo Baker in which you have five minutes to write whatever pops into your head.


  1. Ha! This is great! I so remember trying to figure out where to sit at lunch! The worst!!

  2. Great post. It's hard sometimes to feel like you belong no matter how old you are!

  3. I love your quilts! I've made the Kitchen one. I got the book at the library.
    I noticed you must be from around St. Louis. My kids south of there in a little town. We used to for a couple of years. St. Louis was where we shopped. I loved visiting you. I didn't see a follow button! I hope I can remember to come back!