Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This Book Deserves Better

Every once in a blue moon, you stumble upon a book that you feel was just written for you.  I am in the beginning-to-middle of such a book right now.  This evening, I bombarded my husband with the details of this book and why I'm enjoying it so much ("and I'm only to page ten!").  Turns out I was actually to page's a real page-turner.  It has everything I love...the exploration of a decaying castle in rich detail, old ladies with a mysterious past (I hope to be one of these someday), haunting memories, and even reference to olfactory memory (when you smell something that triggers a memory from long ago--this has always fascinated me!).

Anywho...the tiny scrap of paper I was using as a bookmark HAD to go.  First, I was so enthralled with this book, that I felt it deserved better.  Something more substantial and hearty, to coincide with the greatness of the words inside.  Second, it's always annoying to use a little piece of torn paper in a big book.  It gets lost in there!  Time to make a new bookmark...sewing-style.  :)

The "r" stands for Ree...or Read...or Really Good Book.  I feel so much better having a real bookmark in there.  ...or Real Bookmark.  Okay, I'm done now.  So the title of this great read is The Distant Hours by Kate Morton (thanks, Brandi, for the recommendation).  If you are an old soul like me, pick it up.  I still have a few hundred more pages to go, so I'm really hoping it holds up to all the hype I'm giving it--at page seventy-two.

The Distant Hours...and the puny scrap of paper that used to be its bookmark.
Now, I get an extra dose of satisfaction every time I close the book.  I love what I just read and I know I'll definitely find the place where I left off!  I hope this bookmark finds its way through many more great books...maybe even all the way till I'm an old lady with a mysterious past.


  1. That's a beautiful bookmark! It's such a sweet thing to find a fantastic book.

  2. Thanks, Laura! It is a sweet thing...after finishing this book, I'd still recommend it (whew!). I'm going to pick up another book by Kate Morton this week, to see if it has a similar effect on me. What are you reading these days?