Monday, August 15, 2011

Well, ain't we swank!

Certain things are just glamorous, and a sleeping mask is one of those things.  Picture Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's...

My brother Adam and I have a phrase we exchange a lot: "Well, ain't we swank!"  We originally got it from the 1956 horror movie The Bad Seed, one of our favorites.  Now, we throw it back and forth to each other if either of us is wearing or doing something especially fancy.  Well, I am swank.  I recently made my very own sleeping mask.

We had a big road trip coming up, and my hubby is kind enough to do most of the driving.  So I knew I would have ample time to sleep in the car, and a sleeping mask would really help with that.  (But really, it would also help me feel like a glamorous 1940s movie star in a flowing pink satin robe and matching slippers, smoking my long get the idea).  Old soul, right here.  

As with most of my sewing projects, this one took way longer than my estimated 20 minutes (someday I'll learn!) and I didn't use a pattern (which significantly raised my blood pressure).  And it was my first project using elastic; I'm a fan.  Someday when I'm a mysterious old lady, I will sew my own elastic-waist pants for every occasion.  Anywho, here's how it turned out...

It works so well, I'm even able to sleep standing up and smiling!  :)  It's quilted, comfortable, obviously huge on my head, and totally blocks out all light.  Glamorous.  Practical.  Swank.  

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  1. WELL....ain't we swank! :) LOL. Loved this one, Ree.