Friday, January 20, 2012

A Modern Country Quilt for Mom (and Crockpotty Humor)

Mom's slightly belated Christmas gift, her FINISHED modern country quilt!

Planetarium Pattern by Oh, Fransson!
Back of quilt
Close-up of back

I say "modern country" because the pattern is from a modern quilting book, but I used fabrics and a color scheme that I thought were a little more traditional/country.  A quilt fit for a log to just get my mom her log cabin!

Although I now live in the city, I always claim to be a country girl at heart.  As I type this, I am wearing my Rural King hoodie.  For real.  One thing that always hollers "Country!" in my book is a good old-fashioned crockpot meal.  We didn't have too many of those growing up, except for mom's delicious chili.  We did have other country-classic meals, though: pork chops, pork patties, pork kabobs (lovingly pronounced "KAY-bobs" in my house), and Tombstone pizza.

I've tried a few crockpot meals, you know, to stay country, and I've had some hits and misses.  The biggest hit would have to be the Italian beef recipe.  We have it often.  My first attempt at a crockpot meal in married life was a simple chili, or as Michael calls it, "scorched earth".  Oops.

I have two or three crockpot cookbooks on my shelf.  Awhile ago, I was looking through them for a new recipe, and was struck at the shear creativity of the titles of these recipes.  Allow me to share a sampling:

  • Soup With A Zip
  • A Different Stew
  • Ole! For Stew
  • Green Beans To Enjoy
  • Better Butter Beans
  • Krazy Karrots
  • Chicken-for-Supper
  • Here's The Stuff
  • Make-Believe Lasagna
  • Meat on the Table
  • Special Hot Dog Supper
  • Very Special Spinach
  • So You Forgot to Defrost!
  • Melt-In-Your-Mouth Sausages
  • Tastes-Like-Turkey   

I think I'll start with the Make-Believe Lasagna.  That means I can "make-believe" cook it, right?  In other words, order some pizza...

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  1. Way-to-go on the quilt, Ree! It's beautiful! Your mom will treasure that for many years to come :) And I am with you, I am starting to love crockpot cooking, too.