Sunday, January 29, 2012


I've never gone "clubbing".  Not in the way it's most commonly known, anyway.  You know...shiny silk shirts, a single dangly earring, a boom box on your shoulder pumping out some rad techno beats.  No, it seems I've missed out.  Please give me a second while I shed a few tears over this loss.  Let's cue the music, shall we?

Thanks guys, I needed that moment.  But I did recently join a club...a QUILTING club!  I finally took the plunge and signed up for the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild (thanks again for introducing me, Laura!)  My first monthly meeting was a couple of weeks ago and it was chalk full of wonderful things, including a couple of assignments:  One, a tiny little quilted fridge magnet (haven't done this yet) and, two, a quilted name badge to wear to all the meetings.   And here it is!

I will proudly safety-pin it to my shirt once a month, and maybe even walk away with a door prize--who knows?!

Clubs...I don't know that I've belonged to an official club since junior high (unless you count Key Club in high school, which I joined mainly so I could get out of 7th hour once a month).  In junior high, every Wednesday was Club Day.  You signed up for a different club every quarter, and at the end of the day on Wednesday, you got to go to your club instead of to class.  It was glorious.  Unless all the clubs that your friends signed up for were full already...  No matter.  The origami and sign language clubs offered me valuable skills to last a lifetime.

The most popular club was Intramurals; the champs were awarded tshirts. (Walking Club was a close second--you got to walk to the gas station and buy a Big Moby.) One quarter, I was in intramural basketball club and instead of enjoying myself on Club Day, I sat at the top of the bleachers in a nervous sweat hoping I wouldn't get asked to actually play basketball.  Never again.   How about another round of origami club?

Thankfully, the Quilt Guild did not leave me in a pool of sweat.  I think this is a club I can handle.  However, if I do happen to get nervous and pass out during the show-and-tell portion of the meeting, at least I will have a name badge on to identify me.

Happy Hands Club, Napoleon Dynamite


  1. I joined the guild in January, also. I still need to make my magnet and nametag. Your last photo made me smile. My daughter has to sign a song for her sign language class and I had told her to do that sing from Napoleon Dynamite. See you next meeting. Hopefully, I'll be wearing a nametag, too!

  2. Love your name tag and welcome to the STLMQG!