Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Want To See My Collection?

I come from a long line of collectors...and please hear me when I say collectors and not hoarders.  Great-grandma Farrie is a collector of stuffed white cats (I'm not talking taxidermy, by the way).  Uncle Lenny was a collector of beer cans and coins.  I was a collector of crystals (shiny rocks I found at my house OR manmade crystals bought from places like the Science Center).  My brother Adam was a collector of Beanie Babies.  Youngest brother Luke: bouncy balls.  And little sis Karli "collects" coffee beans from the containers at Walmart (shhhh.....).  

And Grandma Alice.  In addition to collecting various State refrigerator magnets from her travels, she has decades worth of fabric.  Grandma Alice has sewn amazing things my whole life, and I often reaped the benefits.  From dresses to doll clothes to an entire sunflower-themed bedroom to simple mending, she spoiled me with her talents.  When she recently decided to downsize her enormous fabric collection, I was, once again, spoiled by Grandma.  She sent me home with LOADS of amazing fabric (some of which I remember from outfits she made when I was little). 

The stacks of fabric stared at me for a long time before I took the plunge and organized it all.  I was pretty frustrated with the whole process and had to take a few breaks to unwind (a.k.a. watch gameshow bloopers on youtube).  But, hey, now I have a system to all these fabrics and don't have to go digging through scraps to find what I need.  Hurray!  Check out "mah stash":

Get it?  "Mah (My) Stash"?  Mustache?  ehhhh...   Here's my real stash:

and boom.
Also, I got this wall-mounted thread organizer, which has simplified my sewing life SO much.
And thank you, once again, Grandma Alice.  My new fabric collection is way cooler than my crystal collection (although that collection really rocks...  Anyone?)  But enough of all this talk of hoarding and organizing.  It's time for a break!  You know what that means...  And please pay special attention to the very last clip (from Family Feud).   I was embarrassingly close to hyperventilating from that one.


  1. "It looks like you're organizing your records. What is this? Chronological?"
    "Not alphabetical..."
    - High Fidelity

    I thought of this quote when I saw your organizing. How did you decide to organize it? color order? And thank you for sharing that bloopers clip. It gave me a good chuckle. Willie-the-pooh!!!!!

    1. Ha! I don't think I've seen that movie, but I appreciate the humor. :) Willie the Pooh gets me EVERY TIME!!!!

    2. Oh yes, and it's organized by size, then solid or pattern, then color groups. I hope it lasts. :)

    3. Impressive!

  2. Well aint we swank with all this organization!